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Serenity Prayer Wall Art

Simple Christian Art is a Big Thing

Serenity Prayer Wall Art is one of our biggest sellers. It is probably one of the most famous prayers as it is the simplest. The Serenity Prayer Wall Art has designs with a dark background to catch the attention of all who look at it. Everything is in black and white. For those who may not know the prayer, it goes like this, "Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." These great words can move the mountains in our lives and help us cope with things that are out of our control. With this Serenity Prayer Wall Art, you can pass by and read it as you begin your day if it is hanging on your wall. It is a simple prayer, and it will keep you close to the Father throughout your day.

Simple Christian Art has much to say as it is more significant than most people think. The one who is behind the art and words is the most significant of all. Therefore, as simple Christian Art is viewed, all it takes is designs, flowers, shapes, or colors to catch our attention. Once we see these things, the words will be read by whoever looks at the artwork. Many people know we are called to minister to one another. Not many people realize this simple Christian Art can become a ministry. It can say things we do not have to say, and all who come over to our home and all who dwell inside will take notice. Once the person reads the writings and admires the beauty, God will take it from there, and our part is done. It is that simple. Our mission can be accomplished without us even knowing.

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