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Christian Wall Art

Lion and Vine is a Christian Art Company

Lion and Vine have some of the most inspirational Christian wall art available to the public. Almost all of their Christian wall art has words that are inspirational and uplifting. We have all heard some of these words at an early age, and some pray these words every day. Art intrigues everyone, and they find most of it inspiring as they try to figure out what the artist is trying to say. With these pieces, there is no guessing. Most of the Christian wall art has it spelled out on the work. Some are sold as single, and others are sold in sets. Either way, the art we have to offer can bring an uplifting vibe to the soul as it hangs on the wall of your home. Let everyone see what is said as they enjoy the beautiful pictures that go along with the words. All artwork has a light or dark background that will go with any color wall.

Christian art is something that dates back to Christ himself. Christ started Christianity, and most of the paintings were done on stone walls after the story of Christ took place when he walked the earth. Most early Christians used the walls to paint on, or they had tapestry in the later years used for their Christian art drawings. All of the Christian art we sell is added with poems, prayers, or inspirational and familiar sayings from Christianity. Christian homes are easy to spot when they share these types of Christian art. It leaves a sense of peace from beauty, knowing people are willing to keep these beautiful items in their homes. In itself, beauty is inspiring as a person casts their eyes upon something that was once in the mind of a person and put down in a drawing or painting.

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