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Christian Home Decor

The Miracle of Minimalist Christian Wall Art

Christian Home Decor sells a lot, especially during the holiday season. Here at Lion and Vine, we sell Christian Home Decor. We also sell items like mugs with our emblem and facemask with inspirational words written on them. Most of the things we sell as Christian Home Decor is our artwork. The pictures can hang anywhere in the home. We find most people buy the three-piece set of Faith, Hope, and Love and hang it above a couch or where most of the more oversized artwork would hang. Others would hang in hallways or at the doors. Some hang the artwork in their bedrooms or bathrooms. They can hang almost anywhere in the home, but the best places are where everyone can see and read them. Christian Home Decor makes excellent gifts as they are thoughtful and sincere. That is what touches people's hearts the most.

Minimalist Christian Wall Art compares to essentials or something that exposes the essence of Christian artwork. It is not the typical artwork like Pablo Picasso or the Renaissance artist would paint. Minimalist Christian Wall Art is the simplest of all. Sometimes the smallest things can speak significant volumes. The artwork speaks for itself, but it is the words that make the masterpiece. Art is meant for visual. If someone were to say a Gospel phrase, the person would remember, but nothing speaks like visual art. When a person sees the words and drawings, it has a different effect on them. That is the movement we strive for when we promote these paintings and phrases. In a way, it is a simple addition to our ministry in spreading the Good Word of the Lord as it inspires and uplifts all who lay eyes upon it. Minimalist Christian Wall Art is significant in its own way.

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