Lion & Vine

The famous playwright Thornton Wilder said, “in things beyond simple logic, beauty is the only persuasion.” 


In a world of noise and screens, beauty makes the world translucent to God. At Lion & Vine, we offer art that evokes wonder and worship at a price everyone can afford.


We offer our own Lion & Vine collection- but also curate artists we think do great work, such as Alissa Case from Little Way Chapel, and Shauna Daniels' watercolor collection.​

Our Team

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Brandon Walsh

Managing Director and Co-owner

I stumbled into a little Anglican church as a sophomore in college, finding it both strange and wonderful. Coming from a more austere puritan tradition- the prayers and drama of worship both intrigued and captivated me. I have walked with Christ as an Anglican ever since and our curated collection of art and artists draws heavily on the Book of Common Prayer and Scripture. I am a husband to Emily,  father of three beautiful children, and a church planter on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.


Nora Nelson

Creative Director and Co-owner

Nora is a graphic designer based in Durham, North Carolina. 

Contributing Artists


Interested in becoming a contributing artist? Contact Us